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Jackson Dunes is the pen name of New Thought writer, artist, and photographer, Diana Taylor.

Her innovative and inspirational book series, Pug At The Beach, is a whimsical yet philosophical look at life through the eyes of a small dog who lives on a Caribbean island. His name is Pug and he’s part Dalai Lama, part Jimmy Buffett, and a whole lotta fun! Combining her own tropical illustrations along with short verses of inspirational text, topics include taking time for ourselves, overcoming adversity, and remaining true to our authentic selves.  

She recently released the new Pug book ~ Pug At The Beach, More Adventures From The Beach. This second in the Pug series joins her other books including: a collection of short stories called, Navigating By The Stars, Five Very Short Stories From The Islands and a set of poetry books called Sea Glass, Island Inspired Poems and Mermaid's Tears, More Island Inspired Poems. As a companion book to this and the Pug At The Beach book, Diana has written The Story Behind The Story series which chronicles the muses and inspiration behind the books.

Diana also carries the theme of whimsy to her tropical watercolor prints which she’s made available for the first time. Each signed and dated print encourages the viewer to relax and take a moment to ponder the image and create their own story.

Expanding on the tropical theme, Diana also offers photographs for sale in a variety of mediums including prints (in varying sizes) and greeting cards through her Redbubble site.

Using the pen name Jackson Dunes, Diana is a dynamic, inspirational writer and highly successful leader in teaching people the pursuit of joyful living through the art of mindfulness. Her journey has brought her from stay at home mom, to a life altering decision to end a 24-year marriage, to an even greater test of faith that was the misdiagnosis of a terminal illness.

Working through these profound life events, Diana's life was transformed by walking the difficult path of self awareness towards inner peace.

The inner journey that transpired as a result was the catalyst to the creation of Pug At The Beach, a company devoted to providing tools of transformation for people on a quest for joyful and mindful living.

Her unique approach to story sharing through the philosophy of a small island dog has garnered much attention and respect as well as a legion of devoted followers who speak of being consistently empowered and motivated to make changes in their own lives.

Read about Diana's decision to use Jackson Dunes as a pen name in About Jackson Dunes.

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Pug at the Beach