about Pug

Pug is a philosopher who happens to be a dog with a dorsal fin for an ear and a really nice collection of surfing shorts. Through his adventures on the beach, he leads us on a journey to overcoming fear, acceptance of ourselves and others, and creating new pathways for enrichment. Pug teaches us to slow down, calm down and maintain a positive frame of mind. He shows us that all things are possible, all dreams will become reality, and that hope abounds. He's part Dahli Lama, part Jimmy Buffett, and a whole lotta fun! Check out Pug's Friends.

why is Pug not a pug?

This whole adventure started one winter in Key West. The image is still vivid. I was sitting in the living room of the Petronia Street house, sketchbook in hand. Doodling casually and with no particular goal in mind, a small dog appeared on my page.

He had ears reminiscent of a dorsal fin, a long shark-like snout and a big smile. He was more fish than dog. Immediately it came to me that he was a philosopher, an island dog philosopher. And almost as quickly, his name appeared: PUG. Not because he was one, but because the name just fit.

Before long, Pug had developed a loyal following. His fans longed for more adventures and encouraged my path to publication. Right before the book was scheduled for typesetting, I suggested that Pug's name should be changed, but the Pug followers wouldn't have any part of it. They were adamant. How could I even dream of changing his name! They called me a heathen—and some other things, too. So the name stayed and the confusion began. But you'll see, once you read Pug At The Beach, his name will make perfect sense.

Pug at the Beach