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"I finally had time alone to read the entire Pug At The Beach book. It made me laugh, it made me cry, and it made me happy, all in one reading. PUG IS MY HERO! "

- Candy McCabe


"I'm 45 years old and have been depressed most of my life. I've lost the ability to have fun and I read in your Pug At The Beach book that it's through having fun that we get to know ourselves and others. So, I got to thinking that I should try harder to get out of my bubble and have a little fun and I started to do that and it does me good. Your book was a Godsend. It made me smile. Pug is sort of a new friend in my life. Thank you."

- Nathalie Brault, Book Eternity

  • "Getting to know Pug is something you’ll never forget. When I first read Pug I was immersed in a new definition of peace. Pug is not just a great read it’s a great relaxation exercise for your mind!”

- VALERIE MORGAN-HODGE, author of The Farmer’s Daughter

"These Pug At The Beach books are for anyone who needs a ‘pick me up’ or a reminder that they are alright just the way they are. Pug’s wisdom and philosophy are right in alignment with the cutting edge ideas of spirituality and science today. Pug is not a character you’ll ever forget."

- REV. DR. ANN RONAN, Authentic Life Institute

Katie Couric "loved the advice" of Pug At The Beach.

"Your words are so inspiring and continue to remind me of what the beach can do for your spirit. When the temperature is less than 30 degrees in a row, I feel the need for a Pug intervention.  Browsing through your website has the same effect on me as my Yoga class – positively mesmerizing!  There are two reasons why this happens. 


First of all, your website is positively captivating for anyone who has a passion for the ocean.

Secondly, you are a brilliant, engaging writer and it’s easy to become enthralled when I open that virtual door to Pug’s world at the beach."

- Pam Bond
Keene, New Hampshire

"I have really enjoyed reading your book and meeting Pug too!!  I love the feel of your book, the paper, the stories, and the small pieces of quiet wisdom.  The thing about this book, is that it's not overbearing, it's a happy nudge about reflecting on what's good in life."

- Jennifer Thompson, Monkey C Media

"Pug moves meaning through mysticism to music in my heart. Pug makes me happy, thoughtful, reflective, quiet, joyful. Pug gives me hope, inspiration, insight, and a few belly-laughs. Pug teaches we can all become who we want and need to be. Thank you, Pug, with all my heart."

- Rev. Olivia Holmes

"This unique book bursts on the literary scene with a gathering series of striking life perceptions that deserves nothing less than approbation. Pug has been called "a worldlier Snoopy," but that worldliness is not based on cynicism. Rather, Pug has a gift for living and learning within a well-honed optimism. This is a fine, clear, accessible read that will stay with you a long time."

- Dr. Barry H. Leeds, author of The Enduring Vision of Norman Mailer

"He's a worldlier Snoopy, if you will, unleashed from the trappings of dog dish and master. His Woodstock is every shore bird, their shared birdbath the entire ocean ."

- Jeanne Sable, The Keene Sentinel
Keene, New Hampshire

"Pug isn't a breed of dog so much as a philosophy of life...he's also a little Zen and a beach aficionado. This is a cozy, quirky little book that has great thoughts on life and definite salt-air flair."

- GeeGee Russell, Buxton Village Books
Buxton, North Carolina

"My Dad was in the hospital. When we got the call on Saturday, I packed quickly and needed a jacket since it was raining. I took my Pug shirt and wore that on my ride. I thought it was fitting, since Pug is my new ‘feel good friend.’"

- Diane Thibault

"Pug is to the beach what popcorn is to the movies."

- Loretta Prescott, Kettle Boys Popcorn Company
York Beach, Maine

" Thanks for such a lovely & rich message! Comes in so handy to perk me up!"

- Sylvia, on Pug's News From The Beach blog

"Pug At The Beach is over the moon wonderful. "

- Len Weldon, DDS

"Thanks for the new entry on Pug's News From The Beach.  I just love reading about it as it has great "to do" info. "

- Adrienne, on Pug's News From The Beach blog

"I truly believe that if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be where I'm at with my book. You've been an inspiration to me!"

- Janice Johnston, author of Lunch Box Menus For You: 40 Weeks of Lunch Box Menus and Grocery Lists Made Especially for School Aged Children

"Diana Taylor, the free spirit of Pug At The Beach, is a helpmate for the aspiring entrepreneur. Having navigated the turbulent waters of publishing, she understands the challenges of growing a business. I am grateful for her practical tips and encouraging words. Thanks, Pug!

- Andrea L. Brand, MD author of Daddy

"You and Pug are opening my heart and mind to the possibilities of play and fun in what I do, versus the intense way I go about things... you are a gift!"

- Lynne, Life Coach

"Whenever I need to get centered I read your book. Pug really helps me put my life into perspective."

- Kathy

"You took a simple drawing and made a respected, admired, and loved company out of it. You and Pug are changing lives."

- Rich

"Pug At The Beach offers heartfelt wisdom with a smile. Our residents love it."

- Langdon Place, an assisted living community, on both the book donation and the recent Meet The Author talk with Diana Taylor

"It was an honor to meet you. It was truly inspiring to hear how you were able to overcome an illness and create a character like Pug to help others realize the important things in life. "

- Cathy Schmidt, President & CEO, Citizens Bank, after Diana's speech addressing 200 women business owners at the Women's Business Center's Annual Luncheon.

"The kids loved the story...You have certainly positively impacted many students."

- Kelly, high school English teacher, about the donated Pug At the Beach books she uses in her classroom.

"Nice little book which makes you think with a smile about life."

- Malagan, from Rijswijk, Zuid-Holland  Netherlands

"My wife LIVES in her Pug At The Beach sweatshirt! All of the other football moms want one."

- Harry Brake

Pug at the Beach