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Suggested interview questions/topics for Diana Taylor:

  • You didn’t start writing until you were 39 years old. How did that happen?
  • How does your late career start inspire other people in their own career and/or dream paths??
  • Tell us about your character, Pug. What exactly is he and why is he not an actual pug dog?
  • You’ve said that Pug, the character, was created in Key West. How did that happen?
  • You’ve described Pug At The Beach as part Jimmy Buffett, part Thich Hat Hahn, the Buddhist monk. Why does that combination of play and mindfulness work so well?
  • How was your misdiagnosis of a terminal disease the catalyst to creating Pug At The Beach?
  • Can you give us some examples of the playful secrets hidden in your book illustrations?
  • How does a small island dog philosopher help so many people? What’s the secret to Pug?
  • Tell us about your other writing work. Is it all inspirational? What about your mentoring work?
  • You’re a strong advocate for entrepreneurs, especially women. How do you help other women?
  • You’ve been recognized for this work with an SBA Women In Business Champion award.
  • Encouragement was your key to success. What can people do to encourage themselves?

Steve Gamlin interviews Diana for Inspired by Steve.

"We can learn so much from dogs, even cartoon ones. Today’s very special guest Diana Taylor is the author of “Pug at the Beach”. Find out what Pug loves, and what he and Diana can teach you about life."

Steve Gamlin interviews Diana Click on the image to listen to the Inspired By Steve podcast.

The Coastal Star interviews Diana

Ten questions were posed to Diana including everything from her favorite music to her career highlights and there's even a question about who Diana would like to have portray her in the Hollywood movie about her life.

The Coastal Star interviews Diana Coastal Star

 click here for direct link and click here for a pdf (387k)

Blog Talk Radio

Melissa Lierman spends an hour with Diana discussing the art of writing and how a misdiagnosis of terminal cancer led to the creation of Pug At The Beach.

Blog Talk Radio logo

Sterling Spin Radio

Sterling Spin Radio

Liz Sterling of Sterling Spin Radio spends some time with Diana in this 15 minutes conversation.


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