jackson dunes

Jackson Dunes is the pen name of New Thought writer Diana Taylor, who grew up just a few miles from the ocean. "JD" often travels to different beaches in search of a quiet place to stand in the surf and throw out a line, a good seafood shack, and the perfect sunset. The other Jackson Dunes is an island neighborhood from where the not too distant ocean can be seen and heard.

Here's what Diana had to say about choosing a pen name:

"I used to write using the initial D and Morgan followed by my married name. It was a gender neutral name. My goal in writing is to write with a gender neutral voice so as not to influence the reader. (Of course, once they know it's me, then all that changes.) The publication of the book came after my divorce but before my name change to Taylor. Being undecided on a permanent name, a friend suggested I use a pen name which had some symbolism. Jackson Dunes, while not gender neutral, is the name of an island neighborhood on Ocracoke Island off the coast of North Carolina. It overlooks a salt marsh and the ocean and it's where I like to stay when I'm on Ocracoke.*

People have asked me if I'll use the name Taylor in future projects but Jackson Dunes is a great name especially when you consider that on bookshelves you'll find Jackson Dunes right between Jack Canfield and Wayne Dyer. As far as I'm concerned, that's pretty good company."

* If you'd like to see photos of Ocracoke Island visit my RedBubble site

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