more adventures from the beach

The new book is underway! Pug is really in his element now. Palm trees, pelicans, and the joy of sunrise on the beach are all in the new book.

An insider's view of Pug At The Beach, More Adventures From The Beach, the new book by Jackson Dunes and Diana Taylor.

Pug, More Adventures, the new book
Pug At The Beach, Pug Walks A Labyrinth
Illustrations from the new book. Click on each to read the full adventure. (Opens as pdf.)

If you can't wait for the new book, click here to buy the first Pug At The Beach book.

Pug At The Beach is a laid back kind of place where harmonious living and well being are the mainstay of a good life, where you'll learn to slow down, calm down and maintain a postive frame of mind. Here you'll meet Pug, a spiritual guru and island dog philosopher who happens to be a dog with a dorsal fin for an ear and a really nice collection of surfing shorts. That's him with the surfboard and again up there on the left sitting under that palm tree.

Illustrations reminiscent of James Thurber combined with Zen-like stories make Pug At The Beach a great place to kick back for a while. Escape the humdrum of life, escape to the beach with Pug At The Beach.

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Seagull living at Pug At The Beach



Pug at the Beach