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Keene, NH, June 7, 2008 – Diana Taylor, Top Dog of Pug At The Beach joined forces with web designer Megan Strickland to create a new website for Pug At The Beach. The site went live on June 7, 2008.

Offering “Hope, inspiration, and fun from an island dog philosopher,” the new site is representative of the Pug At The Beach commitment to offering insightful yet fun tools of transformation for people choosing to grow into their best and most creative selves.

“The creation of this new site has been a joyful process,” said Taylor. “Because Megan’s vision of Pug is so in tune with the message of Pug At The Beach, collaboration was effortless and fun. Megan’s command of what is technologically possible is impressive. Couple this with a desire to make the site a fun, interactive experience, and creating the new Pug At The Beach site wasn’t work, it was play. We were just two people having fun.”

"Diana has been wonderful," said Strickland. "It's great to feel like I'm working with her, not just for her. She's really become more than a client; she's a mentor and a friend. And it's very fulfilling to get to work on a project like Pug At The Beach—to feel that I am, in my small way, helping to get the Pug message out. The book is a quick read, but it stays with you. We could all use a little Pug in our lives."

Taylor is a publisher, writer, illustrator, and Top Dog of Pug At The Beach, a beach inspired company which provides short, powerful messages of hope and encouragement. This character driven, multi-faceted, multi-medium company is devoted to empowering people through tools for self transformation. Pug At The Beach teaches harmonious living and well being through the wisdom of a small island dog philosopher.

Through a combination of illustrations reminiscent of James Thurber and stories decidedly Zen-like in nature, Pug At The Beach, teaches readers to slow down, calm down, and maintain a positive frame of mind all while have fun.

Taylor is a member of various business groups including The Women's Business Center and the Monadnock Business Resource Partnership.

Megan Strickland is an independent designer experienced in brand, logo, and web development, as well as traditional print media. She holds a BA in Graphic Design from Bradley University. She loves what she does because it is an intersection of artistic and analytical challenges, and her key strength is bridging those two ways of thinking. She operates out of the offices of Sequoya Technologies Group, where she also works part-time as Marketing Coordinator. Sequoya provides comprehensive technology solutions and support through their ITSentry™ managed service plan. To learn more about Sequoya and ITSentry visit To learn more about Megan and her work, visit

For more information on Pug At The Beach call 603-313-4218 or visit

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