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Keene, NH, June 18, 2007 – Diana Taylor of Pug At The Beach recently donated two books to the Kingsbury Cancer Center at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Keene. The books, Pug At The Beach: An Island Dog’s Reflections on Life are part of a series of donations to the Center.

Author Diana Taylor donated two copies of her book to the Center, the second such donation. Through its affiliate programs, Pug On Top and Pug In The Classroom & Libraries, donations of the Pug At The Beach books and products have become an integral part of the company culture at Pug At The Beach. Previous donations to the Center have included Pug At The Beach hats through Pug On Top.

Born of Taylor’s own encounter with cancer, Taylor’s belief that “Everyone should feel good about themselves regardless of their life conditions or circumstances” resulted in two charitable endeavors: Pug On Top (which donates hats to cancer patients) and Pug In the Classroom & Libraries (which donates books to schools and libraries to foster the love of reading and writing). Taylor’s quest for harmonious living and well being for herself as well as for others has been the defining factor in Pug At The Beach, a character driven, multi-faceted enterprise.

Taylor is a publisher, writer, illustrator and Top Dog of Pug At The Beach, a locally owned, beach inspired company which provides short, powerful messages of hope and encouragement. Through illustrations reminiscence of James Thurber and Zen-like stories, Pug At The Beach teaches harmonious living and well being. Taylor is a member of MicroCredit-NH, The Women’s Business Center, The Kearsarge Business Network, ArtWorks (a division of MC-NH) and the Dare County Arts Council of North Carolina.

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